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In the base, we are a sustainable clothing brand supporting the planet & people. We only use products that are sourced and harvested in a sustainable way. At last, we help people through our #giveback campaigns. We think that they can shape the future if they get the right opportunities.


Our core collection is made in Bangladesh. Under strict people-focused standards, It means:

Employment is freely chosen.

Living wages are at least 150-200% above the minimum wage.

The working conditions are safe and hygienic.

Child labor must not be used.

Working hours are not excessive.

No discrimination is practiced.

Regular employment is provided.

Harsh or inhuman treatment is prohibited.

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We finish our products in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

@superette and @nerdjar

Established February 2020.

Organic Fabrics / Goods.

As an online marketplace, we explicitly looked at brands that only use raw materials that are obtained in an organic way. Or when a form of plastic has been added, a recycled form of plastic has been looked at.

We as the Organic Clothing & Goods online marketplace think it is important that an improvement in the manufacturing process is always looked at, and we ask this of all our brands.

What does organic mean?

No use of toxic chemicals or GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) or anything else artificial in the farming process, allowing for the health of the soil, ecosystem, and people to be preserved. That way, the environmental and social impact is kept to a minimum.


Let’s hit you with a hard truth: Over 100.000.000 animals are used for establishing items every year.

Yes, that’s a tough number to digest, and we want nothing to do with it. As well as an ethical and sustainable online marketplace, Organic People’s clothing is 100% vegan, the same as the goods of their brands.

Peta Approved Vegan

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