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1033 Candle Co.

1033 Candle Co.

1033 Candle Co. is a home fragrance brand founded by Annelies, based in Amsterdam.

All of our candles are made of 100% rapeseed wax grown in the EU. Every day we try to improve and make our products good for you and our environment. What’s made with love, is well made.

Not only does it smell good,

Our candles are made to make your house, or any other place, feel like home. 1033 Candle Co. produces scented candles, hand-poured in Amsterdam.

Candles that smell this good, shouldn’t harm our planet. That’s why each candle is produced with 100% rapeseed wax. Leaving the bees and rainforests alone. Our rapeseed wax is produced in the EU, this makes the transport and environmental impact lower. Which we like! In addition, rapeseed wax is GMO-free and completely vegan.⁠

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