Splash x Organic People.

Splash and Organic people working together to provide children clean water on a daily bases. Splash is committed to quality and transparency.

Organic people believes in a sustainable future for the next generation, with fair and transparency as their core values. Now we combine our values to create a better world for the next generation.

In order to accomplish an exponential growth in resources is donating Organic people €1,- of every reusable packaging returned by the customer.

Splash | Bangladesh

Splash serve 20,603 children on a daily bases. Provide them clean water, educate about hygiene and create sanitation for better life circumstances.

Splash in Dhaka. Dhaka is the most densely populated city in the world; 5x the density of New York City. Splash’s aim is to help 150,000 children in the capital of Bangladesh.

Splash aims to leverage the vast resources, expertise and social capital of BRAC—the world’s largest NGO by number of employees—rather than to start from scratch as a comparatively fledgling actor.

Create the new standard.