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Organic Basics Utrecht

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Organic Basics Utrecht.

Organic basics in Utrecht where to find them? There are just a few places where you can find fairly produced organic basics. Why is it so hard to find good garments that are made of better materials? Should it not be the standard?

For all organic people living in the beautiful city of Utrecht, say no too fast fashion and make it last. The only way to accomplish the new standard is with you.

First, there was no place to find them, now there is. If you are the organic person we are looking for. Don’t wait any longer and start creating the new organic standard.

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Sustainable Basics.

The future is among us. A sustainable future with people who put ‘make it last’ on top of mind. Know what you buy and be sustainable.

Real sustainable basics are hard to find. Big companies claim that their garments are environmentally friendly or only manufactured in the best conditions. Have a look at the quality marks.

For example the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) quality mark. Read a little more before you pick up that new item of clothing from the rack because so many steps are taken before it is in your wardrobe.

Do you live in another city? Find your favourite sustainable basics in Amsterdam too!


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