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Organic clothing

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Organic clothing.

Will organic clothing make the world a better place? That is the question many people ask themselves these days. In our opinion, organic clothing will be a step in the right direction.

The World Commission on Environment and Development describes the term sustainability as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

What does it boil down to? The bottom line is that we shouldn’t exhaust the planet making our products. Consider, for example, the cotton farmer who has to sow and harvest the cotton every year, because you do this in an organic way, the farmer can use his or her land again the following year.

This is because he does not use pesticides to protect his cotton against diseases, pests or weeds. But opts for a completely natural approach, so that the soil is not exhausted and can be used again the following year.

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Sustainable clothing.

Good to know what the term organic actually means. In fact, you could also safely say that organic clothing in a sense equals sustainable clothing. At least that is how the comparison is often made.

Besides the fact that it is of course great when you know why products are obtained in an organic way, more transparency will also be needed in the field of sustainable basics. This will narrow the gap between the cotton farmer in Bangladesh and our consumer society and, above all, be appreciated a bit more.

Sustainable basics are therefore a fantastic step in the right direction to narrow that gap. Because it is the case, when you pay more for your item, you are also more economical with it.

If then a lot more transparency is added about the makers of your favourite items and how much that person earns from your item. Then the textile industry would finally take steps. Also curious about organic clothing? I say;


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