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Organic cotton vs normal cotton

Organic cotton

Organic cotton vs normal cotton.

Everyone is becoming increasingly aware of where his or her clothing comes from. Now it is nice that we are all more aware of it, but there is still a lot of uncertainty about, for example, organic clothing or not? Sustainable clothing or not? and perhaps the most important question of all. So why is it better to go for the sustainable option instead of the non-sustainable one?

We figured out the difference between organic cotton vs normal cotton! To start with normal cotton? Is it that bad? Yes.

A lot of chemicals are used in normal cotton. From heavy metals, ammonia to silicone wax, and petroleum products. Not a nice idea of ​​course if you put on those clothes and let them come into contact with your bare skin.

In addition to cleaning your shirt with chemicals, the bottom is sprinkled with either other or the same chemicals. Which is extremely terrible for the soil, because it is depleted, but also the groundwater and the air. All in all not good.

Perhaps the worst thing is that we saddle the local population with our chemicals. The groundwater is polluted to such an extent that people in those countries cannot be provided with purified drinking water. And we saddle them with a kind of radioactive environment, in which the children play. Downright ridiculous.

Organic cotton vs normal cotton

So what is better?

Fortunately, there is organic cotton. That still only accounts for 1% of the total global cotton production. “Organic” means that it is obtained naturally, from the first seed that goes into the ground to the end product, from a t-shirt, trousers, or your favourite hoodie.

The fields are also fertilized in a natural way (so no fertilizer), damage to crops is counteracted with pest-fighting insects and no chemicals! Weeds are removed by hand or a tractor. And no genetically modified plants are used.

It is actually a method that has been around for centuries and has been working great for years and is also the most sustainable option so far. Let’s say never change a winning team.

Conclusion organic cotton vs normal cotton? Go for the organic option, because it has proven to be the most sustainable option for centuries and also depletes the earth the least.


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