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Sustainability is an important subject. We’ll have our opinion ready according to other persons, companies or governments being sustainable or not. It’s a difficult subject that concerns us all. And it’s time for us all to get rid of old habits and create new ones.

Indra (22 years old) said:
When I think of sustainability, I think of depleting the earth as little as possible. To produce products that cause as little damage to the earth as possible and that last longer.

We all have our opinion ready and know how it should be done. But why aren’t we put a hold on the fast fashion industries? Shouldn’t we just let them pay more tax overall products not made in a sustainable way or even boycott them?

It is not an easy battle we know. But we want you to know. There is only one way to accomplish a better future for the next generation and that starts with you. So LESS = MORE.

Rose Organic T-shirt

Sustainable Fashion.

Sustainable clothing in Utrecht is trending. There are many little fashion stores that offer you good garments for a fair price. Some offering you 100% sustainable clothing. Utrecht is a city with opportunities for people who care about the environment.

Also, Indra (22 years old) said:
At Organic People, I get a positive feeling, the feeling that you are doing something good for the world. This is because in this case you do not go for fast fashion like H&M or Bershka but choose products that are well-produced and last a long time. That automatically gives a better feeling when you wear such a garment.

We all know we can have fewer clothes and we all know we do not need a new item every month. Why are we still doing it and keep complaining about this subject? You can start creating the new standard today, all you need to do is not to try, but to do it.


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