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Sustainable basics

Sustainable Hoodie Rose

Sustainable basics.

Sustainable basics play an important role in changing our fight against climate footprint. They are made to last longer than any other item you buy from the big fashion brands, ethically produced, and to top it all off, much nicer. The only problem with sustainable clothing is accessibility.

Transparency and fairness are values ​​that correspond well with these “better” clothing items. Something the ZARA chain can learn a lot from.

You also often see the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) quality mark used in the world of sustainable basics. A company receives the GOTS quality mark when the items they use are made from organic cotton.

There are even more quality marks that contribute to the realization of your garment. Then look for all the quality marks that garments can have. You will see that it is very interesting.

Do you live in a big city? Have a look at the sustainable basics in Amsterdam or Utrecht for example!

Organic T-shirt

Organic basics.

As mentioned earlier, sustainable clothing is often accompanied by the GOTS quality mark. That makes the items organic basics at the same time.

Society is changing at all. For example, it is now trendy to wear secondhand clothing or participate in secondhand September. There are all kinds of initiatives that are sprouting up like mushrooms and that contribute to minimizing our global climate footprint. But while organic food is increasingly becoming the new normal, this is still far behind in the clothing industry and it seems as if no one cares about what happens in that industry.

Organic clothing should have been the norm from day one. So that everyone in the link would receive enough money and live normally. Fortunately, it is not the end of the world, and can still rectify this and actually convert it in a snap.


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