Sustainable clothing Nijmegen

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Sustainable clothing Nijmegen.

Sustainable clothing in Nijmegen is a big step in the right direction. As the most conscious city in the Netherlands, you naturally expect that the clothes you buy in your favourite store are made in a sustainable way. But is that really so?

You can recognize sustainable clothing by various quality marks such as GOTS or Fairwear. These quality marks give you the guarantee that your favourite item has been obtained fairly and is made in an ethical manner.

Before purchasing an item, consider where does it come from? Who makes my products? And it is made from, for example, organic cotton, Tencel or bamboo.

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Sustainable basics in The Netherlands.

Sustainable basics are the basis of your outfit. Lay this foundation carefully and consciously! So look at the quality marks and ask yourself whether this is actually a sustainable option.

Sustainable basics in Amsterdam and Utrecht are already becoming the new standard. Will Nijmegen lag behind or will the most conscious city in the Netherlands join in? Because now is the time to bring about change in the world of the clothing industry.

Let’s create the new standard together, we will be able to win the battle with it. Including faster incentives for companies to opt for the sustainable option only.