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Sustainable Clothing Utrecht

Sustainable Hoodie

Sustainable Clothing Utrecht.

Sustainable clothing in Utrecht should be the new standard. Instead of it being the new standard, are all the big companies competing with each other. Why would they do that? Because of the big amount of money they could earn eventually.

Organic People believes in fair and sustainable clothing for everyone. No bullshit, no finger-pointing. Only the truth.

Organic People only delivers the best basics in Utrecht. Your basics will be delivered by bicycle.

We believe in a sustainable future for the next generation. Soon you’ll see there is no way back. Because we’re creating the new standard together.

Speaking of creating the new standard together. Have a look at our brand new organic basics!

All our organics will be delivered green to your front door. You are only able to purchase a basic when you are living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Chai New Standard T-shirt Dark Green

Make it last.

All our clothing is coming from a big factory. Also, a lot of people don’t know where it’s coming from. Is it made in China, Turkey, or Bangladesh? We don’t know. It’s terrible. A lot of people think their clothing came from a store… In some way it is. But NO. Almost all our clothing is made by people in third world countries. With low loans and terrible work environments.

If we would have said to you: work for 14 hours for €1,50 a day! Would you do that? NO of course not.

So know what you buy and make it last. Buy your basics carefully and make sure you’ll take care of the environment. Do not buy to buy, only buy sustainable clothing in Utrecht.


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