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Cotton Farm

1. Cottonfarm India.

Madhya Pradesh. This is where I start my journey as so-called “Raw Cotton”.

It has now taken me 5 months to grow. In addition, I have:

  • 0.32 kWh (electricity) used up
  • 24.5 litres of water are allowed to drink
  • 0.27 CO2 emitted
Ginning Mill

2. Cotton Ginning Mill.

Gujarat, INDIA. Here I am quite shaken up.

First, the collected residual products are collected from me, such as branches, seeds and other pieces that cannot go through the machine.

Then I am heated, shaken to shake off further residual products from my body so that I am ready in as pure a form as possible for the next step in my still early life as a cotton ball.

As a final step, I get packed in a bale with thousands of other cotton balls at once, and hop on to the next step!

300 km.
Spinning mill

3. Spinning Mill.

Rajendrapur, Gazipur, BANGLADESH. In the meantime, I have continued my journey to the neighbouring country of Bangladesh.

Here, together with my other cotton balls, I am spun into a sturdy thread and tested with a hydraulic system to see if I am finally ready for the real thing.

Of course, I meet the requirement so I can continue my journey to the best part!

5090 km from Mundra port (INDIA) to Chittagong port (Bangladesh).
Dird factory

4. CMT Dird Factory.

Rajendrapur, Gazipur, BANGLADESH. Yes, here we go! I am finally going to take the form that you have come to expect from me.

At first, I am run together with a fantastic machine. According to the weft method.

Then I can choose whether I have a new colour measured


that I actually choose to have no colour measured. Which is better for the world.

Then I am cut by super cool ladies and gentlemen into a great model put together and finished to perfection.

To top it all off, a warm massage from an iron to be neatly packed for the big trip to Belgium.


5. Warehousing in Belgium.

Antwerp Belgium. Arrived in a completely new environment. I will not be staying here for long.

Because I like to spread myself all over the continent.

16618 km from Chittagong port (Bangladesh) to Antwerp port (Belgium).

6. @ Katoenfabriek.

Utrecht, NETHERLANDS. I have arrived at a place where I can proudly bear my new name.

This is where the iconic logo: Organic People. Printed on my neck with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) water-based ink.

The embroidery on the garment is also finished here


prints are applied with GOTS water-based ink. Even it is printed where you have no residual product.

128 km.

7. Instock. Ready for sale.

Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS. Alright. I have arrived at the place where I am ready to conquer the Netherlands, Europe and the World.

44.0 km

8. I’m Sold.

Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS. Yeah, I was bought by someone who wants to create the new standard with me.

I am delivered by bike in Amsterdam in a super cool package. Namely a Repack. This packaging is very special. But I’ll get to that in a minute!

First I am handed over to my new happy proud wearer of who else but: I.

Return the packaging

9. Return the packaging.

Repack. My journey is over. Just to complete the circle, I ask one more little thing!

Do not throw the packaging in the bulky waste, do not leave it in a corner. No. Send it back by post. Because only then can we complete the circle.

Because with every Repack returned is donating Organic People € 1 to Splash.

Read carefully how it works on the inside of the packaging. Not difficult at all! Even a child can do it!

Donating money

10. Donating money.

Splash. Super thanks! In this way, you help ensure that children in India and Bangladesh have access to clean drinking water.

In this way, you also contribute to better development in the field of hygiene and sanitation in places where they desperately need it.


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