Wie zijn wij

Our goal is to pass on the planet properly.

In our sector that means, it’s not YOU that is responsible for that goal, no.

It is us:


Our promises.

Transparent pricing.

Ethically made.

Organic fabrics.


Transparent pricing.

We believe in fair and transparent pricing according to our items. We have nothing to hide and first of all, you have the right to know everything.

Our way of pricing is the following: we want you to be fully informed before you buy your items. Not afterward. So do you want to know more about our way of pricing?

Contact us!

Ethically made.

As a fashion brand we want to give the people who make our clothes the recognition they deserve, they’re the real heroes after all, right?

Our core collection is made in Bangladesh to strict people-focused standards.

It means:

Employment is freely chosen.

Living wages are at least 150-200% above the minimum wage.

The working conditions are safe and hygienic.

Child labour must not be used.

Working hours are not excessive.

No discrimination is practised.

Regular employment is provided.

Harsh or inhuman treatment is prohibited.

Organic Fabrics.

Our fabrics are environment-oriented and we use organic cotton in all of our apparel. What does that mean?

No use of toxic chemicals or GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) or anything else artificial in the farming process, allowing for the health of the soil, ecosystem and people to be preserved. That way, the environmental and social impact is kept to a minimum.

Why we use organic cotton:

There are no chemicals or pesticides used.

Organic cotton uses less water – up to 91%.

It saves us almost 50% of co2, compared to normal cotton.

And for all beauty lovers! Organic cotton is better for the natural balance of the skin.

Sometimes we use Recycled Polyester:

Our heavyweight hoodies are made from 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester. Why do we use some polyester in our items?

Because with some recycled polyester is your favourite item more durable than others. It also creates approximately 75% less CO2 emissions than virgin polyester and it’s more breathable.


Let’s hit you with a hard truth: Over 100.000.000 animals are used for fashion items every year.

Yes, that’s a tough number to digest, and we want nothing to do with it. As well as an ethical and sustainable brand, Organic People is also 100% vegan.

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